• Cuurate - Colombo


Prospered from foreign influence and deeply rooted in history, the mix of tradition
and modernity is evident in its cuisine and culture to historic landmarks and languid
coastal scenery.

Ceded as the capital of the island by the British Empire in 1815, the largest city of Sri
Lanka thrives with many points of interest from vibrant alleyways to ancient temples
and buzzing open-air markets.


Open air bazaars and markets of mind-bending urban buzz; lasting well into the wee
hours is Sri Lanka’s busiest commercial area. Jammed into its small alleyways are a
maze of shops, textiles and roadside eat that promises to make you will feel like a
local once you have learned to look both – right and left before you crossed the street

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A monumental stone edifice built in commemoration of the independence of Sri
Lanka from the British rule; stands against the backdrop of an architectural collage of
colonial buildings and in resemblance to the ‘Magul Maduwa’- an ancient
architectural structure in which the king held his assemblies.

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A mix of modern architecture and cultural essence the Ganagarama Temple is
Colombo’s most highlighted and visited.

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