• Cuurate - Tangalle


Best known for its striking stretches of palm-fringed beaches, sheltered bays, golden
sands and azure waters; Tangalle is a popular port from the ancient times to date and
is renowned as a fishing village.


‘Tangalle’ in Sinhala (local dialect) translates “projected rock”, a reference to the rocks
which form the coastline in the town area. Also known as the ‘Ran-gala’ or “golden
rock”; which relates to a local legend of a holy man once having a meal on the rock
which turned to gold.

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Constructed by King Saddhatissa in the third century, the Mulkirigala temple is built
on a rock 205 m (673 ft) above sea level and there are 533 steps to the summit. The
temple comprises seven Viharas and seven Buddha statues, with the viharas
constructed in five compounds.

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